May I introduce you to five pillars of my professional life?

Five C’s: Concerts, Classes, Creations, Compositions and Coaching.


Enjoy listening to music?

Whether with others or by myself, performing is my primary instinct.
Book my 80% plant based solo concert or an inspiring concert with Com Alma called ‘Sem Fronteiras’.
My multitalented music friends and I will give you an experience that will enrich your life!
Mike Weinberg responded: Magic concert! Wow Com Alma, all gifted musicians! 


PATEMPA: educational tools for you

Numerous people of all walks of life have joined my individual classes and workshops - masters and amateurs, dancers, actors, teachers, students, vocalists and instrumentalists.
In collaborations with many participants, I developed PATEMPA: Build Your Musical Body, an embodied musical learning tool that will move you! PATEMPA stands for Practical Approach To Enhancing Musical Performance Abilities.

Femke Smit, singer-composer
It made me realise that in making music I can follow my impulses and trust my intuition. PATEMPA is great for people who are looking for musical depth and new sources of inspiration.

Dominique Vleeshouwers, percussionist
By working with PATEMPA I started to feel what the music was about.

Erik Larrea, percussionist
It helped me not only to develop a technique to show and teach things to others, but also to start being more confident with myself.

Marwijn van der Poel, percussionist
In general Bart Fermie's approach consists of actively using your ‘whole being’. 


Percussion tools for you

I designed several percussion instruments based on a simple synergetic principle: one plus one equals more! These hybrid toys will give you an exhilarating feeling beyond anything.

Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez
Bart Fermie is the king of small percussion.


Songs and tunes for you

Fuelled by life and people: I love to compose!


Personified assistance

Let’s find out how to propel your performance to the next level!

Yasmina Spiegelberg, clarinetist:
Bart was so inspiring as a teacher that I often happened to be much more excited about practising the Tang Tang than my clarinet.

Mose Franssen, singer:
Every class is unique.

Mimoun Oaïssa, actor:
Met ontzettend veel kennis van zaak en passie voor muziek heeft hij mij uitstekend gecoacht op muzikaal vlak.

Tineke Schouten comedian:
Er ging een wereld aan ideeën voor me open.

On this Spotify radio list you may listen to 42 tunes I played percussion on, artists I recorded with and songs 4 and 36 I (co)produced. The first song called ‘Elisa’ and numbers 8, 11, 22, 25, 28 and 37, I composed myself.
I hope that you’ll enjoy it!